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Which The Masked Dancer Contestant Are You?

Have you been watching The Masked Dancer and wondered which contestant you're most similar to? Take this quiz and find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 15th 2023

This scientific test will reveal which Masked Dancer you're like. Are you a Rubber Chicken or the smartly-dressed Frog? Find out now!

1/12 A singer holding a microphone

What song will you choose to begin with?

2/12 Two pizza delivery staff holding a stack of pizza

What's your favourite type of food?

3/12 A nuclear barrel of slime

What's your favourite type of slime?

4/12 A gif of a dog wearing shoes

Pick a pair of shoes to dance in!

5/12 Strictly Come Dancing Judges
Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

What's your favourite dancing show?

6/12 A man listening to music on big headphones

What other song do you think you could create a dance routine for?

7/12 The cast of Friends
FRIENDS | Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions Warner Bros. Television | NBC

How would your pals describe you?

8/12 People enjoying a holiday and a big ice lolly

What's your favourite type of holiday attraction?

9/12 Someone putting their feet up on a big portable stereo

What sort of music do you find it easiest to move to?

10/12 Diversity taking a break from dancing
@diversity_official | Instagram

Who's your favourite member of Diversity?

11/12 Someone pointing at someone's dance shoes

What's your favourite dancing style?

12/12 The Masked Singer contestants
The Masked Singer | Bandicoot, ITV

What sort of costume appeals to you the most?

The Masked Dancer's Rubber Chicken
The Masked Dancer | Bandicoot, ITV


You're bright, you're fun and your dancing is FOWL!

The Masked Dancer's Beagle
The Masked Dancer | Bandicoot, ITV

You are: BEAGLE!

Your dancing style is similar to the Beagle – graceful, strong and done with a sense of elegance. Have a biscuit!

The Masked Dancer's Zip
The Masked Dancer | Bandicoot, ITV

You are: ZIP!

You have all the coolest qualities of Zip, who is one snazzy dancer!

The Masked Dancer's Frog
The Masked Dancer's Rubber Chicken

You are: FROG!

Smartly dressed, serious about what you do and one of the greatest amphibians to ever grace the dance floor! We're surprised you don't jump around more, though...