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Strictly Come Dancing Quiz: Which Dance Are You?

Which of the dances from Strictly is most like you? Find out with this fast-paced dance quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

What would you rather do this weekend?

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

How energetic are you?


Pick a snack:


Where would you rather dance?

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

What move are you going to do to wow the Strictly judges?

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

What would you rather wear during your routine?

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

What would you rather dance to?

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

What's more important for a good routine?

Strictly Come Dancing | BBC

Pick a dance partner:


Which of these describes you best?

Strictly Come Dancing Quiz | BBC

You're the Waltz!

You're the traditional ballroom dance - you were invented in Vienna and soon became one of the world's best known dances. You're best enjoyed swirling around in circles, wearing an elegant gown or a big moustache (or both).

Strictly Come Dancing Quiz | BBC

You're the Rock n' Roll!

You were made famous by college kids in 1950s America with slick back hair and leather jackets - that kind of thing. You're full of energy and are a great dance to watch, with dance partners throwing each other into the air and jitterbugging all over the place!

Strictly Come Dancing Quiz | BBC

You're the Cha Cha Cha!

You're the Cuban dance the cha cha cha! You're loud, fun and energetic - with lots of cheeky dance moves and sparkly outfits. You're a very tricky dance to master, and in series 3 of Strictly, Quentin got the lowest score ever by dancing the cha cha cha, and was even named the "worst dancer in Britain". Ouch.

Strictly Come Dancing Quiz | BBC

You're American Smooth!

You're the mega-fancy looking ballroom dance American Smooth! You're very glamorous and the only dance worthy of super-rich Hollywood parties. You can be a bit dull though, and don't have all the exciting twists and jumps of the other dances. Sound like you?