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Which Thunderbirds Character is Your Best Friend?

Which one of the Thunderbirds crew would you most like to hang with? It's time to find out with this epic Thunderbirds best friend quiz! Who will yours be?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 7th 2023

It's time to see which Thunderbirds character would be your best friend with this special personality quiz! Answer some questions and we'll tell you who you'd be besties with! And check out more TV quizzes here! If you're looking for more Thunderbirds, what about this ultimate Thunderbirds Are Go quiz? Or for more animation, check out this Avatar character quiz! Or maybe you fancy this awesome Wednesday trivia quiz!

1/10 Derpy panda in a James Bond frame

Pick a James Bond

2/10 Some of the Thunderbirds
Thunderbirds | AP Films, ATV | ITV

Where would you rather hang out?

3/10 On of the Thunderbirds
Thunderbirds | AP Films, ATV | ITV

Pick a Thunderbird

4/10 The Thunderbirds Chilling Out
Thunderbirds | AP Films, ATV | ITV

What do you look for in a friend?

5/10 Berlin with splats and happy dolphin

Pick a city

6/10 Captain Scarlet
Captain Scarlet | AP Films, ATV | ITV

Choose another classic show

7/10 Screaming pineapple in ancient temple

Choose a place of peril

8/10 Beano Kermit on brick background

Choose a muppet

9/10 Mysterious woman and mysterious dog and a lipstick

Pick a gadget

10/10 Woman hiding in her hands with yellow splats

What would you do in a dangerous situation?

Gordon Result
Thunderbirds | AP Films, ATV | ITV


Your best friend would be Gordon! Gordon is just the sort of friend who can help you out in a jam - he's brave, quick thinking and always has a plan! You can always rely on him!

Brains Result
Thunderbirds | AP Films, ATV | ITV


Your best friend would be Brains! Brains is super clever (the clue's in the name) and so are you! You'd love to hang with Brains and have long cool discussions about tech, and maybe even have a go at inventing stuff!

Tin Tin result
Thunderbirds | AP Films, ATV | ITV

Tin Tin!

Your best friend would be Tin Tin! You're both super cool and kind people who love their friends and family, and you'd love chatting together! You're also super creative, which makes Tin Tin your perfect friend!

Penelope result
Thunderbirds | AP Films, ATV | ITV


Your best friend is Lady Penelope! You're both super stylish and you'd talk about fashion for hours! You're also super inquisitive about the world around you and love finding out new things!