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Which Ugly Christmas Sweater Are You?

There's shortage of hideous Christmas jumpers about. But which one is most like you? Find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

What's your favourite thing about Christmas?


Who do you prefer hanging out with at Christmas?

pbsdigitalstudios via giphy

What's your favourite part of Xmas dinner?


How easily embarrassed are you?


Pick a topping for this ice cream sundae:


How long would you wear a Christmas jumper for?

dienterojomx via giphy

Pick a dimension:


Rate this cracker joke:What does a football team do when the pitch is flooded? Bring on the subs!


Pick a Christmas card design:


Have you ever watched the whole of the Queen's speech?

You're the Pudding!

You're the much-loved pudding jumper, a favourite for all ages. You're not the ugliest jumper about but you definitely wouldn't want to be caught wearing one in summer. Ugliness rating: 5/10

You're the 3D Reindeer!

You're an unconvincing reindeer-face-jumper. You've got less brain-melting colours than some jumpers, but you're cursed with a 3D bobble nose - which pushes your ugliness rating WAY up. You're usually worn by cringey uncles, like this one. Ugliness rating: 7/10 

You're the Works!

You've got one of everything on your jumper - snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees, the lot - all combined into a single wall of festive ugliness. Ugliness rating: 8/10

You're the Reverse Santa!

You're the Holy Grail of ugly jumpers! Everything about this jumper hurts the eyes, the 3D Santa feet, the weird shape of Santa's thighs - even the perspective. Is that a shed he's diving into? So many questions. Ugliness rating: 10/10