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20 Wind Jokes That Will Blow You Away!

These wind jokes are a breath of fresh air! Check out these funny wind jokes - they'll really sweep you off your feet!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 17th 2024

These wind jokes will really blow you away! Check out these funny wind jokes and have a blast! And if you liked these, how about some silly snow puns? Or maybe you're ready for these wild weather jokes? Need something a bit more sunny? We've got some scorching summer jokes too! And you can find hundreds more hilarious jokes on our jokes hub!

What do you call it when the wind is upset?


How do you know if the wind has cleaned your house?

It looks windswept!

I found the wind very impressive

It really blew me away!

I found that exam about wind really easy

In fact, it was a breeze!

Why was the wind stressed?

It's life was turbulent!

What do you call a practise wind?

A first draft!

Why did the wind go to the bank?

It wanted to make some air deposits!

Why can't a hurricane wear glasses?

It only has one eye!

What's a hurricane's favourite Elton John song?

Candle in the wind!

Why do skeletons hate the wind?

It goes right through them!

Why was the tornado stressed?

It was under a lot of pressure!

What did the wind turbine say to the propeller?

I'm a huge fan!

What's a hurricane's favourite movie?

Gone With the Wind!

What is the wind's favourite colour?


I love hanging out with the wind...

I always have a blast!

Why did the turbine blush?

it broke wind!

Which member of the England squad like wind the most?

Harry Kane!

What did the tree say to the wind?

Leaf me alone!

Which month is the windiest?


What do wind turbines eat?

A wind meal!