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Young Sheldon Quiz: Can You Get 100 Percent?

Is your brain the size of Pluto’s largest moon? Is your knowledge of physics enough to get a place at a prestigious US University? Probably not but you do probably watch Young Sheldon, so see if you can graduate with honours from this EPIC Young Sheldon Quiz! Can you get 100%?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 3rd 2021

Can you graduate from the University of Beanotown with high class honours. Or will you be sent down without qualifications? See how well you do in our Young Sheldon Quiz then do a Master’s degree in some similiar TV studies with our The Ultimate Sam and Cat Quiz or our The Ultimate Wizards Of Waverly Place Quiz. If you are seriously smart check out The Ultimate Physics Quiz for some Sheldon-style super-smart space trivia!


What TV show is Young Sheldon a spin-off from?

2/10 A person thinking about spelling

What is Sheldon’s last name?


Who stars as Young Sheldon?


Where will Young Sheldon end up studying?


What job does Sheldon’s Dad do?


What is Sheldon’s mum called?


What is Sheldon’s twin sister called?


What is the name of the upbeat pastor at the Cooper family's Baptist church?


Who has a crush on Missy?


10/10 What country is Young Sheldon from?

FAIL You’re thrown out of Caltech for not watching enough Young Sheldon!

Second Class Degree. Not bad but try revising by watching way more Young Sheldon!

100% First Class Degree with Honours. You should be a Professor of Watching Young Sheldon. Welcome to Caltech’s roll of honour!