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The Ultimate Zodiac Sign Prediction 2024!

What does 2024 have in store for you? This quiz will match your personality traits to your future!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 20th 2024

2024 is well under way, but you're probably still excited about the new things the year will bring you! This quiz has gathered all of the most prominent personality traits from the zodiac, and matched them to a potential version of you to take into 2025! We can't make any promises - but you might be amazed, and even inspired! Don't forget to try some of our other quizzes too - why not find out the colour of your aura? Or see if we can guess your zodiac sign, or maybe find out which sign you most act like!


Which star sign group are you?


Pick one of your best personality traits!


And another!


And a third!


Now, pick something you need to work on!


And another!


Just one more (we promise)!


Phew, all negativity over! Let's get positive again - what do you WANT to become?


Do you read your horoscope and agree with it?


Finally, what do you most want to feel like this time next year?

Good fortune!

This year you are destined for enormous riches! Well okay, maybe not ENORMOUS (though you never know...), but your fortunes over the next twelve months look good! It's a great year to save up to buy that thing you really want, not buying things you don't need, and keep track of your finances by writing everything down. If you do all this, you'll be amazed at how rich you feel!

New friends!

It's a great year to meet new people, and you're going to be super lucky when it comes to forging new friendships! It's time to join new clubs and try new hobbies - you'll be amazed at everything you learn, and all the confidence you'll build, but one of the best things you'll do is meet new people! Some great places to make new friends are language clubs, book groups, team sports, and debating societies!


This year you're destined to go further than you've ever been before - literally and figuratively! Whether you end up travelling to the four corners of the earth, or not even leaving the country, you've got a year of adventure lined up! Why not get into camping, take up a new language, or learn all about a culture you knew nothing about?

Peace of mind!

You're up for a successful year, whatever that looks like to you! We sense great marks in school, setting a new personal record in your sports team or extracurricular activities, or even just doing better than last year! Why not try making a study plan, keep a journal about your thoughts and feelings, or give meditation a go?