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7 Secrets of Voltron: Legendary Defender

What you need to know about Voltron: Legendary Defender

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  February 18th 2017

1. Voltron. Is. Huge.

The Voltron machine is actually massive - bigger than King Kong, Godzilla, or even Optimus Prime

2. Voltron started more than 30 years ago

It started as an anime series from Japan with a loads of giant robot toys

3. The Lions each have different personalities

Lions enable each pilot to be more effective but something weird happens when pilots hop into a different lion from their own...

4. Voltron will be upgraded

Voltron won't stay the same shape forever. As the team travels further through the universe, they'll find new Voltron upgrades to make the robot even more powerful.

5. Some of the pilots ages are still a mystery

Shiro pilots the Black Lion and is the oldest member of team Voltron at 25 years old. Pij is the youngest member, at 14 years old. The other members are somewhere in between, but we don't know their ages exactly.

6. Some of the music may be familiar...

The composer of the Voltron soundtrack has also made music for Gravity Falls, Star vs The Forces of Evil, We Bare Bears, and Fanboy & Chumchum. He makes all his music using different electronic keyboards and synthesizers.

7. The history behind Shiro's robot arm

Shiro's mechanical arm came from being captured by Zarkon and then tortured by Zendak as a gladiator. You can see these flashbacks throughout the series

Series 2 is out now!

Series 2 starts with the Lions and the Castle getting thrown through a wormhole and separated into the far reaches of space. They are faced with the challenge of having to locate each other, scattered across different planets - but before they can be reunited, they must first survive.