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20 Ariana Grande Jokes That Are High Key Hilarious!

We've put together 20 funny Ariana Grande jokes that you'll want to tell Everyday! Check them out and share them with your friends!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 14th 2024

You won't be saying Thank U, Next to these 20 funny Ariana Grande jokes! Check them out - we think you'll have a Grande time! And if you liked this, how about some more funny music jokes? Maybe you're ready for these delectable Dua Lipa jokes? Or how about these excellent Olivia Rodrigo jokes? And if you need even MORE laughs, check out hundreds more jokes on our main jokes hub!

Why is Ariana Grande so good at sports?

Dunno, but she's always Victorious!

What does Ariana Grande do at the end of the evening?

Say Goodnight and Go!

Have you heard about Ariana Grande's new film?

It's Wicked!

Do you want to hear the jokes about Ariana Grande's improv troupe?

Yes, and?

How many times do you have to call Ariana Grande?

You have to do at least 7 rings!

I want to tell you an Ariana Grande joke...

But why try?

What does Ariana Grande say when she's working at the checkout?

Thank u, next!

What does Ariana Grande want to be when she grows up?

Ariana Venti!

What do popstars order at Starbucks?

An Ariana Grande!

How many times does Ariana Grande knock on the door?

She doesn't, she just gives 7 rings!

What should you say to Ariana Grande on Feb 14th?

Will you be my Cat Valentine?

Where does Ariana Grande live?

In A flat!

Why does Ariana Grande always have a suitcase with her?

So she can carry a tune!

What happened when Ariana Grande forgot the lyrics?

She was in treble!

Why did Ariana climb a ladder?

She wanted to reach the high notes!

Why did Ariana Grande keep banging her head on the piano keys?

She was playing by ear!

Why can't Ariana listen to her own music?

She's broken too many records!

What does Ariana Grande say when she buys her clothes from a high street store?

Thank you, Next!

What is Ariana Grande's favourite game?


Why is Ariana Grande better at singing when she's in a boat?

Because she hits the high seas!