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15 Extremely Average Jokes!

Are you a fan of the more exciting things in life? Then you’ll find these gags very average!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 5th 2022

Mashed potato. White sports socks. A packet of plain crisps. Certain types of maths. These things are all average in their own way. So to celebrate, we’ve collected the best, yet very average jokes and placed them on one page especially for you!

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The average height of a garden ornament is 10 inches tall.

That’s a little gnome fact!

A gnome

What do you call an average sized bottle of milk?


How much sleep does the average parent need?

Just five more minutes!

A sleepy man at the dining table

What do you call an average potato who talks during FIFA matches?

A common-tato!

Why did it take the farmer ages to shave a big sheep with average-sized clippers?

The shear size!

Bacon jokes

Whose dad loves guacamole?

Nacho average dad!

An exploding avocado

How did the baby jump higher than the average house?

Houses can’t jump!

What grades did the average pirate get at school?

High Cs!

Why does nobody laugh at jokes about the average pizza?

They’re always too cheesy!

What’s the average temperature of a Star Wars shower?

Luke warm!

What do you call a monster film that’s just average?


A green slime character

What is the average height of a Scottish man?

Fife Eleven!

What do you call an average dessert?


Jokes about spoons

Where are average people’s clothes made?

The satis-factory!

My maths teacher said I was an average student…

I said, “That’s mean!”

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