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Batgirl Jokes

These batgirl jokes will have you laughing all the way to Arkham!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 19th 2022

It’s not just the batman films we make funny jokes about! These batgirl jokes will have you laughing like the Joker, all the way to the Arkham Asylum. Maybe the comedy will drive you batty, but take a second to appreciate Gotham’s even better Bat-based superhero: Batgirl! She’s Bat-tastic!

What do you call an angry Batgirl?


What position did Barbara Gordon play in the cricket team!

She was the bat-girl.

How does Batman contact Batgirl?

With his batmobile!

What do Batman and Batgirl do together?

Just hang around!

What is Batgirl’s most useful skill?


How do you spell Batgirl Backwards?


What did Batman say to Batgirl at the airport arrivals lounge?

Welcome Bat!

How do you get batgirl to help solve a crime?

Comission a Gordon!

Why is batgirl so scruffy?

She doesn’t like The Mirror!

How does Batgirl order a bigmac?

Could I have a bigmac?

How does Batgirl order a sandwich?


How does Batgirl flip a pancake?

With a batula!

How does Batgirl power her batmobile?

With batteries!

Why didn’t Batgirl flush the toilet?

Because it was Batman’s duty! 

How many bat-based superheroes does it take to change a light-bulb?

None. They like the dark!

Why did Batgirl clean her teeth?

Because she had BAT breath! 

What did Batgirl wear to the prom?

Her Dark Knight gown!

Who do you think is the best businessperson: Batgirl or Superman?

 Superman. There aren't any bat-markets!

Why doesn’t Batgirl play cards?

Because she always gets the Joker!

What does Batgirl have in common with false teeth?

They only come out at night!