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20 Bath Jokes That Really Make a Splash!

These bath jokes are squeaky clean and very funny! Check out these hilarious bath jokes and find your favourite!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 23rd 2023

Check out these very funny bath jokes that scrub up nicely! We promise you'll feel bubbly if you tell them! and if you liked these, how about some terrific toilet jokes? Or maybe you fancy these delightfully dirty jokes! You might even be ready for these well jokes - they aren't that deep! And if you STILL need more lols, we've got hundreds more on our main jokes hub!

Why did the dinosaur take a bath?

It wanted to be ex-stinked!

What did the tired bath say?

'I feel drained!'

Why did the magician take a bath?

He wanted to clean up his act!

Why did the elephant take a bath?

Because he was a smellyphant!

What does a monkey say when getting into a hot bath?

'Oooh ohhh ooh, ah ah ah!'

What happens if you put a leopard in the bath?

It becomes spotless!

What sort of bathrobe do snakes wear?

'Hissss' and Herssss'

Why did the robber take a bath?

He wanted to make a clean getaway!

What sort of dog do you find in the bath?

A shampoodle!

Why are baths so cheerful?

They're very bubbly!

How do sheep stay clean?

They take a baaaath!

Why should you have beans for tea?

So you can have a bubble bath!

What do you call a fairy that won't take a bath?


Where do vampires take baths?

In the bat-room!

What do you call a pig taking a bath?


What happens if you drop your phone in the bath?

It starts syncing!

Why is life like taking a bath?

The longer it lasts, the more wrinkles you get!

Who steals soap from the bath?

Robber ducks!

What did Rene Descartes say when he took a bath?

I stink, therefore I swam!

What animal do you look like in the bath?

A little bear!