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20 Funny Well Jokes That Aren't That Deep!

These funny well jokes will really make a splash! Check out these funny well jokes -other jokes will PAIL in comparison!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 23rd 2023

Are you ready for some funny well jokes that are a bucket full of laughs? Cos we've got twenty on them! And if you liked these, how about more water-based puns? We've got these terrific toilet jokes? Or how about these silly storm jokes? You might even fancy these ocean jokes! And guess what? We've got loads more jokes of all kinds on our main jokes hub!

Why was the well mad at the bucket?

It bailed on their plans!

Why did the well take a picture with the bucket?

It wanted to be pitcher perfect!

Why are wells so wise?

They're very deep!

Did you hear about the well who passed away?

It kicked the bucket!

Why did the well want to achieve its dreams?

It had a bucket list!

My friend said 'Cheer up, you could be stuck in a hole full of water underground!'

I know he means well

What do you call a bear in a well?

A drizzly bear!

Why did the well break up with the bucket?

It just couldn't handle their relationship!

What was wrong with the well?

It looked too pail!

Why did the well never laugh?

It preferred dry humour!

Why did the well break up with the pond?

She thought he was too shallow!

I'm thinking of jumping into a well

I really want to make a splash!

I know three different places you can get water from...

Well, well, well!

What did the well say to the bucket?


Why did the hole full of water start meditating?

It was concerned with its wellness!

What do you call water that is good for you?

Well water!

Why did the bucket become a well detective?

To get to the bottom of things!

Why did the well break up with the bucket?

He was a real drip!

I had to replace the bucket in my well with a cardboard one.

It was just a pail imitation!

Did you hear the joke about the well?

It was a pour joke!