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Beano Superstars – Minnie the Minx

Everything you need to know about Minnie the Minx

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2022

My dad – pretty much everyone else calls him Darren – is a massive Harry Potter fan, so you might be able to guess what my real name is. No, not Harry. Or Ron. Come on, guess! That’s right. Hermione. But I will only answer to Minnie. 

I’m the youngest person in my family. My big brothers, Michael, Martin, Mark, Morris and Max – yes, all the Ms – have all grown up and left home, so it’s just me left to cause mischief at home.

Mischief – or as I prefer to call it, ‘minxing’ – runs in the family. The clue’s in my nickname. My mum Vicky is Dennis Menace’s mum Sandra’s big sister. That makes me and Dennis cousins. You could probably tell by my red and black jumper. His gran – my great aunt Candy – gave that top to me as a present and I wear it all the time. She must have got two at the same time because I’ve never seen Dennis wear anything different either. They’re the best colours to wear. Just ask any AFC Bournemouth fan. Or AC Milan

I often get into bother for minxing, but I’m just having fun. I’d say I was loyal, tough and can use my quick-thinking to get out of trouble. Well, sometimes. 

I love learning stuff, especially if it’s really useful for minxing purposes. But the stuff I have to learn at Bash Street School is so pointless. I’m not even allowed to take my catapult and peashooter with me into class – just pens and exercise books. It’s so boring! Rules are boring and meant to be broken! There's an art to breaking the rules and I'm an artist!

What to know more about Beanotown’s biggest Minx? Check out these facts below!

Minnie the Minx Fact File

Name: Minnie Makepeace

Age: 10

Birthday: 19th December

Best friends: Dennis and Roger the Dodger

Worst enemy: Her dad, who wants her to be 'his little princess', 'more lady-like' and 'a good little girl'. Eww!

Prized possession: Her pea-shooter

Super skill: Being tougher than everyone else

Family: Mum, dad and six brothers – five older, one younger

Address: 54 Gasworks Road

Fact: Minnie's real name is Hermione, and Dennis is her cousin!