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There's No Fluff With Our Tummy-tickling Belly Button Jokes!

Looking for some real belly laughs? Don't waist your time on other joke lists, these gags are right on the button!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 1st 2022

Look no further for all your gut-bustingly gross belly button joke needs! Not your up of tea? Navel mind! (Geddit?) We've got plenty more jokes where these came from! Check out these toe jokes, these neck jokes, or even these smashing snot jokes! And if that's not enough, make sure you check out our main jokes page!

You can't say we don't spoil you!

Wait a minute - this isn’t real belly button fluff!

That's fraudulint!

What’s blue and fluffy?

Belly button fluff holding its breath!

What do Queen Victoria's empire and people with innie bellybuttons have in common?

Navel superiority!

My 3rd and 5th child have innie belly buttons. My 1st has an outie

So I guess she's the odd one out!

I crashed into an Audi the other day

Now it's an innie!

What's soft, fuzzy and lives in a hole?

My belly button fluff!

Our ancestors would be so jealous of tumble dryers' lint traps

They had to make do with what was in their belly buttons!

What kind of bellybuttons do cars have?


What do you call a belly button that served in the military?

A navel officer!

Why are belly buttons such bad criminals?

Because they can't stop attracting the fuzz!

I learned a lot about belly buttons in college...

I went to the navel academy!

This year...

I’m going to give my belly button up for lint!

What you call a boat in your belly button?

Boat jokes thumbnail
Boat jokes thumbnail

A navel ship!

What’s bellybutton fluff?


A human waist product!

What do you call a citrus fruit stuck in your bellybutton?

A navel orange!

Did you hear about the evil man with two belly buttons?

He was di-umbilical!

What do you call a sea captain’s hilarious fictional book about bellybuttons?

A novel naval navel novel!


Emojis laughing in a grassy field

The mother of all scars!

What did the policeman say to his belly button?

You’re under a vest!

What type of button can't you buy in shops?

Toad jokes

Belly buttons!