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20 Toe Jokes That Totally Nail It

These jokes are toe funny! Check out our funny toe jokes...

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  December 22nd 2021

These funny toe jokes are worth two thumbs and ten toes up!ย 

We've got the very best of long toe jokes, puns and gags โ€“ they're toe-tally hilarious! Toe-tastic, we hear you say!

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What do feet do when it snows?

They go toe-bogganing!

Why do elephants paint their toenails pink?

So they can hide in raspberry bushes!

A pair of feet laughing

Why do we have pinky toes?

To help us find furniture in the dark!

What's a toe's least favourite vegtable?


What does Loki say when he stubs his toe?

Ow, that was Thor!

What do you call a man who got stung on his foot?


What does a foot do when he wants to remember a special moment?

He takes a pho-toe!

Who does a foot call when his car breaks down?

A toe truck!

Why does the foot take ballet classes?

It keeps her on her toes!

What's a foot's favourite shampoo?

Head & shoulders & knees & toes!

Why can't Bigfoot touch his toes?

Because he doesn't exist!

Why did the toe go to the doctor?

To be heeled!

Where do feet kiss at christmas?

Under the mistle-toe!

What sort of shoes do frogs wear?

Open toad sandals!

A smiling foot

Did you hear about the foot who did well on the test?

He toe-tally aced it!

What is a foot's favourite chocolate?


A pair of feet with the toes grinning

Why did the cat stop drinking milk?

He was lack-toes intolerant!

What do feet spread on their toast?

Toe jam!

What did one toe say to another?

See you toe-morrow!

What's a foot's favourite vegetable?


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