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28 Bone Jokes Which Are Extremely Humerus!

Make no bones about it, step right this way for some absolute rib ticklers!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 18th 2024

Scientists believe that there's some sort of bone framework on the inside of every human on the planet. They call them 'skeletons'. We'll take their word for it because we're too busy laughing our socks off at these bone jokes!

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How did the skeleton know it was going to rain?

They could feel it in their bones!

Bones jokes

How do skeletons communicate?

They use a smart-bone!

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the party?

Because they had no body to go with!

Why did the skeleton go to the barbecue?

To get another rib!

A roaring barbecue

How do you make a skeleton laugh?

Tell them a good joke!

What do calves need to help their bones grow?


Humans have 206 bones in their body...

And still we think our dogs love us for no reason!

What do you need for a movie about broken bones?

An awesome cast!

A person snacking on popcorn

Why are bones so calm?

Nothing gets under their skin!

Which plant is made of tiny little skeletons?

A bone-sai tree!

A green tree

Why is a ribcage like a window?

You can see right through them!

Laughing skeleton

What instrument did the skeleton play at the concert?

The trom-bone!

What do old skeletons complain about the most?

Aching bones!

Smiling skull

What do you call a skeleton with no friends?


A smiling skeleton

Did you hear of the film about a broken arm?

It has an amazing cast!

What's a skeleton's favourite place to buy soap?

The Body Shop!

What is a a skeletons favourite musical instrument?

A saxo-bone!

Somebody playing a saxophone

Why did the skeleton eat constantly?

They never felt full!

Laughing skeleton holding a huge hamburger

How do you stop a skeleton telling jokes?

Take away their funny bone!

Skeleton jokes thumbnail
Skeleton jokes thumbnail

What do you call Napoleon when he breaks a bone?

Napoleon Bone-apart!

What unit is used to weigh bones?


What do you get if you boil a funny bone?

Laughing stock!

A chef

Did you hear about the elbow who did stand up comedy?

They were humerus!

What do you call a skeleton who can't get out of bed?

Lazy bones!

Where did the skeleton keep his pet parrot?

In their rib cage!

What did the skeleton wear to the Halloween party?

A human costume!

Smiling skeleton in front of a black and red background

How did the skeleton know there was going to be a rain storm?

They could feel it in their bones!

Why did the skeleton refuse to go on the rollercoaster?

They didn't have the guts for it!

Grinning skeleton with two slices of cucumber on their eyes