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Boxing Day Quiz: Can You Get 100 Percent?

Nothings better than Christmas, right? Well, almost nothing - except Boxing day! But how much do you know about it? Take this quiz and find out! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 23rd 2022

Nothing says Boxing day like lying on the sofa surrounded by chocolate wrappers in a food coma - but how much do you actually know about Boxing day? We've put together this epic quiz to test your Boxing day knowledge!

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1/21 A woman in a red jumper thinking about this answer

Boxing Day marks the beginning of a week-long festival. What is it called?

2/21 A man in a fantastic Christmas jumper

In the French-speaking parts of Canada, Boxing Day is also called what?

3/21 A dog in a Christmas hat

Boxing Day is National Thanksgiving Day in the Solomon Islands. True or false?

4/21 Charles Dickens in a Christmas hat

Which Charles Dickens book has the quote: “No man ever talked in poetry ’cept a beadle on Boxin’ Day.”

5/21 Christmas crackers on a tree

Some European countries refer to Boxing Day as...

6/21 Reindeer and candy canes

In the United States of America, Boxing Day is also a national day for candy canes. True or false?

7/21 A couple exchanging gifts at Christmas

In 1994, South Africa changed Boxing Day to the Day of _____?

8/21 A saint

What is also celebrated on Boxing Day?


What is Boxing Day sometimes called in Ireland?

10/21 A boxing referee

There are more boxing matches on Boxing Day than any other time of year. True or false?

11/21 A cat looking at a computer

What do people usually search for online on Boxing Day?

12/21 Elf and xmas tree infront of tinsel

When is Boxing Day?

13/21 Presents and arrows on tinsel background

Why is it called Boxing Day?

14/21 Old football boots, ball and arrow with snow

What sport is traditionally played in Britain on Boxing Day?

15/21 Father xmas, beano reindeer and question mark

Where is Boxing Day usually celebrated?

16/21 Map of Ireland with snow, elf and holly

What is Boxing Day called in Ireland?

17/21 Beano turkey, sprout and satsuma on glitter background

Which of these would you probably eat on Boxing Day?

18/21 Christmas cracker and Beano sprout on tree background

What year did Boxing day become a bank holiday in the UK?

19/21 Question marks on glitter background

What do shops normally do on Boxing day?

20/21 Laughing pig head with Xmas hat on tinsel background

True of false: In Norway people paint wooden pigs on Boxing day?

21/21 Christmas pudding with hat and face

Which bird did people used to hunt on boxing day?

Amazing result

Amazing! You're Boxing Day's number one expert! Have another mince pie to celebrate!

Nice Job result

Nice! You obviously love Boxing day nearly as much as Christmas!

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Try again! We know you can do better than that! There's loads more to know about Boxing day!

Uh oh! result

Uh oh! Looks like you don't know anything about Boxing day! Never mind, help yourself to a satsuma and have another go!