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Candy Crush Jokes

These candy crush jokes are super sweet! Check out these funny candy crush jokes and find out which one's your favourite!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 19th 2022

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My doctor told me to play Candy Crush…

He said I need more green beans!

What do you call Tommy when he’s covered in chocolate and nuts?

A Pharaoh Roche!

Are you ready to give up on the chocolate mountains?

Not yeti!

What happened when Benny couldn’t complete his Candy Crush level?

He was hopping mad!

Does it cost money to play Candy Crush?

Yes, but just a small tof-fee!

What did one sweet say to another?

I've got a candy crush on you!

What do you plant if you want to grow Candy Crush?

Jelly Beans!

What lives under a pink bridge?

The bubblegum troll!

How do you close Candy Crush?

With a liquorice lock!

Why does Odus the owl like Candy Crush?

He thinks it's a hoot!

I like playing Candy Crush…

It makes me very mallow!

Why couldn’t the candy bar and the jellybean be together?

They weren't on the same level!

Why was the football fan excited to play Candy Crush?

He thought it said ‘Match free!’

Why is the Chocolate Mountain so funny?

It's hill-areas!

What did the chocolate bar do when it heard the Candy Crush joke?

It Snickered!

Why didn’t the broccoli do well at Candy Crush?

It was wrong on every level!

I keep losing at Candy Crush...

I donut believe it!

I played too much Candy Crush today-

I was choco-late for everything!

I love Candy Crush...

It really mints a lot to me!

What should you say to someone doing badly at Candy Crush?

Donut give up!