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What's Your Chess Aesthetic?

If chess is your favourite game, see how you can spice it up a bit with this fun aesthetic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 20th 2023

Here's the fun thing about chess - you can play it however you like! Well okay, maybe you can't play by your own rules, but you CAN choose the aesthetic of your game! So, play on to find out your chess aesthetic - it might just surprise you! For more aesthetics, try some of our other quizzes! Find out your Nintendo Switch aesthetic, see what your kawaii aesthetic is, or learn how cottagecore you are!


Which historical period would you love to live in?


Which fantasy/sci-fi creature would you love to be?

Geri's Game | Pixar Animation Studios | Karen Dufilho | Jan Pinkava

Who do you like to play chess against?


Pick an aesthetic background


Pick a different tabletop game


Pick a large mammal


What's your favourite chess piece?


What's your favourite fragrance?


Which of these is your favourite toy?


Pick a side dish!


It's not traditional, but you'd love to play with an all-pink board! That's how you make this old game full of fun and life!


You love a vintage aesthetic, and chess is best played in a neo-Victorian setting! You probably own a top hat especially for chess matches!


You love your eighties/nineties chill vibe, and the best way to play chess is with this aesthetic! Hope you've got a good playlist ready!


You love life when it's simple and beautiful, and so you dream of playing chess in a beautiful cottage garden! You'd also bring a picnic and wear a big, flopy sunhat!