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20 Chicken Run Jokes That Are Im-peck-able!

These cheery Chicken Run jokes are hen-larious! Check out these funny jokes and puns all about Ginger, Rocky, Babs and all your other favourites from the movie!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 20th 2024

These Chicken run jokes are simply egg-cellent! You won't find any fowl ones here! Check out these funny jokes all about everyone's favourite chicken-based film! Liked these? How about a smorgasbord of animal jokes? Or maybe you're up for these awfully funny alpaca jokes? Or if you're in need of more bird based brilliance, we've got these silly swan jokes! And as usual, you can find hundreds more funny jokes on every kind of subject on our main jokes hub!

What's Rocky's favourite treat?

Rocky Road!

Why should you watch Chicken Run?

Because its egg-cellent!

Why was Babs so shy?

She wasn't ready to come out of her shell!

What movies does Ginger watch?

Chick flicks!

What do you call a Scottish chicken who's really tall?

a Big Mac!

Where do you weigh a chicken pie?

Somewhere over the rainbow, weigh a pie!

Why did the chickens have to stop playing football?

Too many fowls!

How did Fowler do in the RAF exams?

He passed with flying colours!

Why did the chicken run smell bad?

Don't know, but it was a fowl odour!

Rocky's so great...

He's really fly!

How does Ginger wake up in the morning?

With an alarm cluck!

How does Babs dry her eyes?

With a hen-kerchief!

Where does Babs go on holiday?

To the chick-inn!

Why did Ginger cross the yard?

To get to the other side (of the fence!)

What's so good about Mrs. Tweedy's pies?

They're very cheep!

How does Bunty send post?

In a hen-velope!

What did the chickens do when they wanted to hide?

They laid low!

Why was Ginger so upset?

She was having an egg-istential crisis!

What's Ginger's favourite film?

Lord of the Wings!

Why was Ginger suspicious of Rocky?

She suspected fowl play!