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30 Christmas Dog Puns to use this Howl-iday!

These Christmas dog puns are paw-fect for the holiday season! Check out these funny dog puns full of Christmas cheer!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 25th 2022

How do dogs know when Santa has arrived? When they can hear hooves tapping on the woof!

A strong opening joke for you there. Did you enjoy it? Why, thank you! Well, there’s another 30 festive funnies for you below.

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What did the dog say during Christmas dinner?

Bone appetit!

Why did the snowman name his pet dog Frost?

Because Frost bites!

What did the dog say to the bone they got for Christmas?

Nice gnawing you!

What did the dog say on December 25?

Yappy Christmas!

What treat do dogs get for Christmas?

Candy canines!

Reindeer and candy canes

Which song will always get a dog's attention?

O Christmas Treat!

What did the dog put in their letter to Santa Claus?

Nothing... dogs can't write!

A dog in a Christmas hat

How do Chihuahuas say Happy Christmas?

Fleas Navidog!

What do you call a wet dog with a bell on his collar?

Jingle smells!

Why did the dog think they were helping at Christmas?

They watered the tree!

What should you say when your dog keeps yapping at the Christmas tree?

You're barking up the wrong tree!

What do sheepdogs say at Chrismtas?

Happy Collie-days!

What do dogs say at Christmas?

Merry Chrismutts!

What is a dogs favourite songs at Christmas?

Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas

When do dogs get their presents?

On the furs day of Christmas!

Dogs hold the best Christmas parties

They know how to raise the woof!

What's a dogs favourite Christmas carol?

Bark the Herald Angels Sing!

Which dog melts in the snow?

A labra-thaw!

What happens if a dog eats Christmas ornaments?

They get tinselitis!

What do dogs watch at Christmas?

National Lampoodle's Christmas Vacation!

It was raining cats and dogs at Christmas...

But at least it didn't reindeer!

Why shouldn't you leave a dog outside at Christmas?

They might turn into a pupsicle!

I always give my dog a walk on Christmas day

It's the leashed I could do

What do you give a dog as a treat on Christmas day?


Why was Santa's helper so hoarse?

He wasn't hoarse, he was a little husky!

How do dogs decorate at Christmas?

They deck the paws!

Where can you find dogs at Christmas?

Dachshund through the snow!

Who brings presents to dogs at Christmas?

Santa Paws!

What Santa say to his dogs?

Stop hounding me!

What do dogs chase at Christmas?

Jingle balls!