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If You Like Unicorns, You’re Going To LOVE chubby unicorns!

What's better than your normal, run-of-the-mill, mythological unicorn? Chubby unicorns, of course!

Ah, unicorns… We just love them so much!

They’re so cute, pretty and magical, right?

But what’s better than a unicorn, we hear you say?

A CHUBBY unicorn, that’s what!

Seriously, have you ever heard of anything so cute?

There’s an adorable one in Despicable Me, for starters. He’s so fluffy!

You can even get chubby unicorn squishies. They have amazing squidgy bellies.

There’s also some wicked chubby unicorn cakes. We know what we want on our next birthday!

We’ve spotted some animals impersonating chubby unicorns… Rhinos. They can’t fool us though.

We love you Chubby Unicorns!