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Coldplay Quiz For When You're Feeling Yellow

Do you love Coldplay? Test your knowledge of this HUGE band with this stadium-filling Coldplay quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 8th 2024

They're one of the biggest British bands ever, and have performed all over the world with their huge back catalog of famous songs. Are you a fan of them? Then let's check if you have a Head Full of Dreams or a Head Full of Coldplay facts with this epic Coldplay quiz!

Coldplay | Youtube

What was Coldplay's first BIG song?

2/10 Someone doing a backflip

A Rush Of Blood To The... what?

3/10 A llama at a music festival

Which big festival have Coldplay headlined at several times now?

4/10 A Grammy award

Which of Coldplay's songs got a Grammy for record of the year?

Coldplay | The Scientist | Sally Llewellyn | Jamie Thraves

What was unusual about this music video?


"Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" is on what album?

7/10 An astronaut listening to Coldplay

Music of the... what?


Coldplay's drummer really wasn't very good at drums when they started the band. True or false?

A recording studio

Who ISN'T featured on Music of the Spheres?

Coldplay | Youtube

Coldplay support lots of charities. True or false?

Coldplay | Youtube

Bah - this was not the result that Chris Martin was looking for! He's looking pretty disappointed if you ask us! You'd better go back over Coldplay's discography and have another go! Better luck next time, Coldplay fans!

Coldplay | Youtube

Nice work! This is a decent score - it's not the best, but it's also definitely not the worst. Chris Martin here reckons you might be able to do better than this? There's only one way to find out - have another go!

Coldplay | Youtube

Wahoo! Great score! You know loads about Coldplay! Well done - this is a really good score. You didn't quite get full marks but don't worry about that. If you want to beat this score on a different quiz then look no further - we have lots more!

Coldplay | Youtube

AMazing! Fantastic! The perfect score! You know more about Coldplay than... Coldplay does! Chris Martin here is very pleased with this score! Now, you can't beat this 10/10 - but you might be able to match it on a different music quiz? Fancy the challenge? We have lots more quizzes!