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20 Cowboy Jokes That Are Hay Too Funny!

Saddle up for some of the biggest chuckles this side of the O.K. Corral!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

Yeehaw, pardner! Looks like we got ourselves some of the greatest cowboy-themed jokes in the world! When you've recovered after reading these frankly excellent gags, why not check out our superhero jokesMarvel jokes or Batman jokes whilst you're here?

What did the cowgirl say at her second rodeo?

“This ain’t my first rodeo!”

What sweet does a happy cowboy enjoy?

A Jolly Rancher!

Did you hear about the cowboy film about the sun?

It’s set in the west!

Which cowboy film star doesn’t have any money?

Skint Eastwood!

Why didn’t the vegetarian cowboy complain about anything?

They didn’t have any beef!

Why do Canadian cowboys have sticky feet?

Maple stirrups!

What kind of car does a cowboy drive?


What is a cowboy’s favourite America state?

Moo York!

What dinosaur would you find in a rodeo?


Which football team do cowboys support?


Where do cowboys have their lunch?

The calf-eteria!

Why are cowboys bad at maths?

They're always rounding things up!

Why did the cowboy get very little work done?

They were too busy horsing around!

What does it mean if you find a horseshoe?

There’s a horse walking around in their socks!

Why do cowboys ride horses?

Because they're too heavy to carry!

What did the cowboy say to the pencil?


What’s a cowboy’s least favourite car?

A Cattle-lack!

What do ghost cowboys wear on their feet?


What do you call a cowboy who works at a school?

The deputy head!

What do you call someone who wears cowboy clothes?

Ranch dressing!