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28 Snappy Croc Jokes To Make Shoe Laugh!

Check out these croc jokes for some shoe based chuckles! You'll think they're very snappy!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 1st 2023

These crocs jokes are the height of fashion! Check out these funny jokes all about these controversial shoes - love them or hate them, you're guaranteed to laugh! And if you liked these, check out more shoe jokes here! Or how about these perfectly pitched campsite jokes? Or what about these yoga jokes? We've even got these silly school jokes! And if you need even more laughs, we've got hundreds more jokes on our jokes hub!

What are Voldemort's favourite shoes?

His hor-crocs!

What sort of shoes does an alligator wear?


What do you call a crocodile wearing Crocs?

A traitor!

Why are Crocs like crocodiles?

You wouldn't want either of them on your feet!

Why do vicars wear Crocs?

Because they're holey!

What do you call a man wearing Crocs with his fingers in his ears?

Anything you like, he can't hear you!

What shoes does Captain Hook hate?


Which shoes don't go to heaven?

Crocs - because they don't have soles!

What does Elvis wear when he can't find his Blue Suede Shoes?

His Jailhouse Crocs!

What should you wear on your feet when you go to Florida?


What happens if you turn up fashionably late in Crocs?

You're just late!

What's a shoe's favourite music?

Croc and roll!

What's made of china and goes on your feet?


What sort of shoe is untrustworthy?

A crook!

Why did the silly man return his Crocs?

They had holes in them!

What do you call a shoe that also tells the time?

A Croc-o-dial!

What's the only type of shoe that can bite you?


You wouldn't want crocs on your feet...

And the shoes are pretty bad too!

I find crocs so uncomfortable

I always fall off and land in the water!

Why did the croc add shoelaces?

It wanted to take a trip!

Why was the shoe embarassed?

It was a laughing croc!

What's the only thing worse than wearing crocs?

Wearing alligators!

Why are crocs like covid-19?

One of the symptoms of having them is having no taste!

Why are banana peels like crocs?

They're both slip ons!

Where should you keep your shoes?

In a Croc pot!

What's made of rubber, full of holes and can bite you?

A Croc-odile!

What do you call a shirt made out of rubber?

A Croc top!

How many people in Crocs does it take to change a lightbulb?

None...they'd rather you didn't see them!