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20 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Jokes

These Diary of a Wimpy Kid Jokes are Greg-larious! Don't be a wimp -check them out and have a laugh!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 12th 2024

These Diary of a Wimpy Kid jokes are not for wimps! So check them out and have a laugh at Greg and his mishaps! And if you liked these, check out more Diary of a Wimpy Kid here! What about this Are You Greg or Rowley quiz? Or if you're after more lols, check out these funny Boss Baby jokes! And we've got even MORE giggles on our main jokes hub!

Why did Greg go to the supply closet?

He wanted to rule the school!

Why did Greg find his diary in the school pool?

It was waterlogged!

Why did Greg eat Rodrick's homework?

His Rodrick told him it was a piece of cake!

What happened when Greg played Twisted Wizard at school?

He was ex-spelled!

Why does Greg look like Rodrick?

He has his jeans!

Why didn't Greg want to use a pencil?

He couldn't see the point!

Why does Greg like his calculator so much?

He can always count on it!

Where does Greg go to eat dessert?

Sundae school!

Who stinks the most?

The Smella family!

How does Greg calm down Manny?

He pacifies him!

Why do Greg's teachers wear sunglasses?

Because he's so bright!

What does Greg call it when he looks after Manny?


Greg is so bad at ball games...

He can't even catch his breath!

Why does Greg always bring his suitcase to basketball?

He travels a lot!

What are ten things Greg can always count on?

His fingers!

Why was Greg playing Twisted Wizard when he should have been studying?

He had a spelling test!

Why does Greg always bring a big cat to tests?

So he can cheetah!

How did Greg do on his insect test?

He got a bee!

What's Greg's favourite old fast food chain?

Wimpy Burger!

Why did Greg want to go to sky-diving school?

Because they would let him drop out!