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22 Drummer Jokes That Don't Miss A Beat!

We're on a (drum)roll with these side-splitting drummer jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 16th 2023

In the mood for a giggle? How strong's your sense of rhythm? Don't worry - whether you have perfect timing or keep missing your cue, you're bound to have a laugh with these offbeat drummer jokes!

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Did you hear about the drummer acquitted of theft?

He beat the rap!

What happens when a drummer loses his sticks?

His heart misses a beat!

How do you annoy your worst enemy?

Buy his kids a drum kit!

What happened to the drummer who couldn’t stop practicing?

There were severe repercussions!

What do you call a drummer who likes boxing?

A beatboxer!

What’s a drummer’s favourite dinner?

Chicken drumsticks!

What’s the difference between a gift from a drummer and a gift from a guitarist?

The drummer’s gift has no strings attached!

There are three types of drummer…

those who can count, and those who can’t!

Why did the drummer get a tattoo of his own drumkit?

For the cymbal-ism!

How many drummers does it take to change a lightbulb?

None – they have a machine to do that now!

Why do drummers always get their own room on tour?

They snare in their sleep!

What’s a drummer’s favourite time of day?

12: 34!

What’s a drummer’s favourite Pokemon?


What did the drummer name his daughters?

Anna One, Anna Two!

How do you know when there’s a drummer at your door?

The knocking speeds up!

I heard loud noises coming from the loft…

It was very drum-attic!

A drummer asked me if I wanted to sing in his band.

I said, count me in!

What’s a drummer’s favourite vegetable?


Did you hear about the drummer who hit his head?

He got a mild percussion!

I’ve got a joke about drummers, but, um…


I’ve got a drummer joke…

but it’s hard to beat!

Why is a drummer never late?

Because he always beats the clock!