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18 Dumbledore Jokes Even Snape Thinks Are Funny!

You'll Dumble-ADORE these funny jokes all about Hogwarts' favourite headmaster!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  September 28th 2023

Tuck in your long white beard and get ready to lol at these awesome Dumbledore jokes! You'll be Dumble-roaring with laughter after checking out these funny jokes! And if you liked these, why not check out these delightful Disney jokes? Or how about these enchanting Encanto jokes? We've also got the very best Black Panther Jokes! And of course, there's always more on our jokes page!

Why should you always behave at Hogwarts?

So Dumbledore doesn't ex-spell you!

Where can you find Dumbledore's Army?

Up his sleevey!

Why is Dumbledore so easily annoyed?

He has a lot of pet Peeves!

How does Dumbledore eat his food?

With a knife and Fawkes!

I could tell you a Dumbledore joke...

But I don't want you to take Umbridge with it!

Who at Hogwarts always takes public transport?

Al-BUS Dumbledore!

Who has a long white beard and is always falling down the stairs?


How do get get into Hogwarts?

You use the Dumble-Door!

What happens if you cross Dumbledore with a snowstorm?

A blizzard!

What did Dumbledore say when Harry turned Hogwarts inflatable and then popped it?

'You've let me down, you've let yourself down, and you've let the school down!'

What happens if you visit Hogwarts?

You get a Dumble-tour!

What did Dumbledore say when he fired the potions master?

'Here's your Severus pay!'

Why did Dumbledore fire Mad Eyed Moody?

He couldn't control his pupils!

Which wizard is always at the gym?

Dumbbell Dore!

Why is Dumbledore so good at sums?

He's a mathamagician!

What spell does Dumbledore use to stay fresh?


What subject is Dumbledore best at?


What's Dumbledore's favourite day of the week?