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20 Ed Sheeran Jokes That Will Make You Laugh!

You'll love the shape of these sheer-iously funny Ed Sheeran jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 11th 2022

Looking for some excellent jokes about everyone's favourite redheaded popstar? No, not Geri Halliwell, grandad - Ed Sheeran! Well, you're in the right place!

But if you'd rather laugh at some other musical wisecracks we've got plenty, just look at these singing jokes, trumpet jokes, even Old Town Road jokes! Jokes aplenty!

Why doesn't Ed have a girlfriend?

Because Sheeran!

Bacon jokes

Ed Sheeran opened up a barber shop...

...and named it 'Head Sheerin'!

Ed Sheeran's been asked to sing classical music

What a great opera-tunity!

Why does Ed Sheeran like Despicable Me so much?

He's in love with the shape of Gru!

Funny Minion Jokes
Funny Minion Jokes

How can you tell Ed Sheeran is worried?

He frets a lot!

Why is Ed Sheeran good at singing in a pirate accent?

He hits the high c's!

I've listened to all the Ed Sheeran albums

Now I can't wait for ~, #, & and ^!

Ed Sheeran opened up a barber shop...

...and named it 'Head Sheerin'!

Ed Sheeran walked into a bar...

Because a club isn't the best place to find a lover!

If Ed Sheeran doesn’t call his next album “—“

It'll really take away from his career!

What's Ed doing at a farm?

Sheeran the sheep!

What's red and shocked Game of Thrones fans?

Ed Sheeran!

They want to change the 21st letter of the alphabet but Ed Sheeran said no

He’s in love with the shape of u!

Even Ed Sheeran’s cats are great singers

They're very mew-sical!

Ed Sheeran’s newest song is about lumberjacks.

It has an incredible timber!

Why was Ed Sheeran late for work?

He got caught in a jam!

fish rocking their guitar
fish rocking their guitar

Ed Sheeran just said he’d attack me with the neck of his guitar

I said, is that a fret?

Why didn’t the wind farm like Ed Sheeran?

Because it’s a big metal fan!

Where did Ed Sheeran leave his keys?

In the piano!

Why is Ed Sheeran's favourite cereal rainbow lucky charms?

He's in love with the shape of U!