20 Funny Exam Jokes to Test Your Sense of Humour

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Take exams a little less seriously with these these funny exam jokes.

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A cosmetology student had to retake her final exam...

It was a make-up exam!

How do you prepare for an pest control exam?

You stay up all night swatting!

I took my environmental science exam the other day and I proved myself to be an exemplary student.

I put my exam paper in the recycling bin!

I ate my exam paper...

Sooner or later, I will pass the exam!

I failed my calculus exam because I was seated between two identical twins.

I couldn’t differentiate between them!

My exam question was, what is plagiarism?

So I copied my answer from the person beside me!

Bit nervous about my maths exam.

Think my chances of passing it are 40-40!

Didn’t do well in my football teamwork exam...

I didn’t pass!

I always give 100%...

Which is why I lost my job as an exam marker!

Disappointed to fail my psychic exam...

I just didn't see it coming!

What exams do vampire teachers set?

Blood tests!

What sort of exams do witches do?

Spelling tests!

Failed my art exam by using the wrong pencil.

It just wasn’t 2B!

Did the tree surgeon entrance exam.

First question had me stumped!

My calculator stopped working mid way through my exam.

I can’t count on it any more!

My pirate friend just got his exam results...

All high Cs!

A friend passed his degree in sound engineering...

He got a 1-2-1-2!

What city always cheats at exams?


I was afraid I'd fail my fireworks exam...

But I passed with flying colours!

Why did Princess Leia fail her exams?

She had Alderaan answers!

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