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4 Superhero Secrets Hidden in Fortnite

Season 4 of Fortnite is introducing new superhero costumes, powers and places! Here's all the ones we've found

We love Fortnite AND superheroes! So we’re super happy that Epic Games have added a punchload of superhero lairs, costumes and powers in season 4. Here’s everything we’ve found from the update!

Supervillain lair

On the side of a mountain near Snobby Shores, a new supervillain lair has been discovered! It has all sorts of supervillain equipment, like labs, supercomputers and even missiles! In fact, all those missiles have us a bit worried about what’s going to happen at the end of Season 4…


A Batcave

But where there are supervillains, there must be superheroes! In a mansion between Lonely Lodge and Moisty Mire, behind a bookcase, you can find a huge underground superhero lair! It has an entrance out to the sea (for a super-plane!?) and everything else you’d need to be a caped crusader.But no sign of the superhero themselves, yet…


Player superpowers!

See all those craters and the HUGE great divot where Dusty Depot used to be? Well, if you crush those crystals that are lying around the ground, you get the ability to jump waaaay up into the air like the Hulk! Pop those crystals and start stomping around!


Superhero costumes

Told ya! We wanted Black Panther in the game – and we got it! The new Omega is basically just Black Panther, the Valor costume is pretty much just Wonder Woman, and we bet there’s gonna loads more superhero costumes released over the season!