Quiz: Can You Guess the Superhero From the Outfit

How well do you know your superheroes? Take this awesome quiz and find out!

Are you ready?

Who's this caped crusader?

Superhero 1
Image by DC

This superhero looks like they'd weigh a ton. Who is it?

Superhero 2
Image by Disney

Which superhero is this, then?

Superhero 3
Image by DC

She's like a rubber band and is focussed on saving the world. Do you her know her name?

Superhero 6
Image by Disney

He's got a cool shield and is dressed in red, white and blue. What's his name?

Superhero 4
Image by Marvel

He can swing between buildings like nobody's business, but what's this superhero called?

Superhero 5
Image by Marvel

Who's this wielding a hammer around like an angry carpenter?

Superhero 7
Image by Marvel

This superhero's outfit is basically a pair of ripped trousers. What's his name?

Superhero 8
Image by Marvel

Who's this member of the Avengers?

Superhero 9
Image by Marvel

Who's this superhero with sharp claws?

Superhero 10
Image by Marvel
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