Quiz: Can You Guess the Superhero From the Outfit

How well do you know your superheroes? Take this awesome quiz and find out!

Are you ready?

Image by DC

Who's this caped crusader?

Image by Disney

This superhero looks like they'd weigh a ton. Who is it?

Image by DC

Which superhero is this, then?

Image by Disney

She's like a rubber band and is focussed on saving the world. Do you her know her name?

Image by Marvel

He's got a cool shield and is dressed in red, white and blue. What's his name?

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Image by Marvel

He can swing between buildings like nobody's business, but what's this superhero called?

Image by Marvel

Who's this wielding a hammer around like an angry carpenter?

Image by Marvel

This superhero's outfit is basically a pair of ripped trousers. What's his name?

Image by Marvel

Who's this member of the Avengers?

Image by Marvel

Who's this superhero with sharp claws?

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