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20 WhatsApp Jokes Worth Sharing

WhatsApp doc? Looking for some encrypted chuckles? Then check out these funny Whatsapp jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 29th 2022

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What is not WhatsApp?


What app do monkeys use in the jungle?


Why was the drummer told to stop using emojis on WhatsApp?

He kept hitting the SYMBOLS!

Why did the man stop using WhatsApp?

It was time to GIF it a rest!

What message did Bugs Bunny send to Elmer Fudd?

WhatsApp doc!

How do trees communicate?


Cry-laughing emoji

What did the mountain climber’s last WhatsApp message say?

LAST SEEN heading for the summit!

What did Messenger say to WhatsApp?

You make me ‘APPY!

What is Whatsapp’s favourite fruit?


Why was WhatsApp deleted from the phone?

It was unAPPreciated!

How did the smartphone fairytale begin?


Broke up with my girlfriend Ruth via WhatsApp this morning…

I'm ruthless!

Why was the WhatsApp message sent home from school?

He had two ticks!

What letter do pirates use the most on WhatsApp?


Who was the ghost WhatsApping?

His GHOUL-friend!

A smiling skull

What dinosaur uses WhatsApp?

Tyrannosaurus Text!

What message did the flower WhatsApp to his little brother?

Hey bud!

What message did Sherlock Holmes send?

Elementary, my dear WhatsApp!

Did you hear that Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion?

They could've just got it for free on the app store!

What do cows use in WhatsApp messages?