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Share Your Favourite Harry Styles Song and We'll Tell You Which American Housewife Character Would Be Your Best Friend!

Who is your American Housewife best friend? We can tell you if you just choose some of your fave Harry Styles songs! Give it a go and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 9th 2024

This might sound a bit spooky, but we can tell you exactly who your best friend from the hilarious sitcom American Housewife would be! All you need to do is pick some Harry Styles songs, and we'll figure out the rest! And if you liked this, check out more Harry Styles stuff here! How about these hair-raising Harry Styles facts! Or how about this Harry Styles fashion quiz? We've even got this Harry Styles lyrics quiz?

1/10 Harry Styles
Golden | Harry Styles | Harry Styles, Mitch Rowland, Tyler Johnson, Thomas Hull | Erskine, Columbia |Ben Turner, Gabe Turner

Choose a One Direction Song

2/10 Harry Styles
Music for a Sushi Restaurant | Harry Styles | Erskine, Columbia | Harry Styles, Thomas Hull, Tyler Johnson, Mitch Rowland | Aube Perrie

Ok, one more

3/10 Two spooky ghosts

Choose one of Harry's songs from

4/10 A moon over a canyon

How about one of his songs from Fine Line

5/10 Derpy panda in some grape juice

How about a song from Harry's House

6/10 Goofy looking water melon

Choose a Harry Styles food song

7/10 Harry Styles
Daylight | Harry Styles | Columbia, Erskine | Tanu Muino

Pick a name song

8/10 Harry Styles
Daylight | Harry Styles | Columbia, Erskine | Tanu Muino

Pick a song Harry co-wrote

9/10 Harry Styles
Watermelon Sugar | Harry Styles | Erskine, Columbia | Harry Styles, Mitch Rowland, Tyler Johnson, Thomas Hull | Bradley & Pablo

Pick a place song

10/10 Sheet music and question marks

Finally, choose an ultimate best ever Harry song

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Your best friend is Katie! Like Katy, you're laid back, down to earth and you really care about your friends and family! You try hard not to compare yourself to others, but its not always easy!

Anna Kat!

Your best friend is Anna Kat! You're everyone's fave and you know it! You can sometimes get a bit obsessed and anxious, but you know you've got great friends to help you out!


Your best friend is Greg! You need a friend who is level headed, down to earth and whom you can always rely on! And you both share a passion for history!


Your best friend is Doris! Like Doris, you can always be relied upon to be a great friend who's their for people, although not everyone agrees with your type A personality!