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20 Inspector Gadget Jokes That Are Truly Lawful!

These Inspector Gadget jokes are technically hilarious!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  October 12th 2022

Inspector Gadget is a police officer who's part man and part machine, who's not as good at his job as you might think. His success in fighting crime is mostly down to his niece Penny – and only her dog Brain knows this. Here are 20 gags based on the popular cartoon and film character!

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How does Inspector Gadget keep fit?

Circuit training!

What is Inspector Gadget's favourite food?


The first Inspector Gadget was made out of oak and guess what?

He wooden work!

Why did Inspector Gadget get upset?

Because everyone was pushing his buttons!

The joke police

Why did Inspector Gadget fail his exam?

He was a bit rusty!

What do you call 100 Pennys?

A pound!

What do you call an empty kennel?

A no Brainer!

What do you call a robotic police officer holding a Mjollnir?

Inspec-Thor Gadget!

How does Brain say goodbye?

With a brain wave!

What type of computer does Inspector Gadget prefer to use?

A Mac!

What happens if you forget Dr. Claw's birthday?

He gets M.A.D.!

What does Inspector Gadget wear every day?


Why is Inspector Gadget always confused?

He keeps getting his wires crossed!

Why did Inspector Gadget take the day off work?

He had a computer virus!

Why couldn't Inspector Gadget buy a coffee?

He ran out of cache!

What is Inspector Gadget's favourite part of New York City?


Inspector Gadget doesn't sleep at night...

He recharges!

What does Inspector Gadget dress up as at Halloween?

In-spectre Gadget!

A ghost surrounded by chains

Which Inspector Gadget character is loved by cats?

Dr. Claw!

What kind of vehicle does Inspector Gadget drive?

A Go Go Gadget Kart!