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It’s the 2018 Beano Comic Quiz of the YEAR!

How much do you BEA-KNOW about BEANO in 2018? Tackle our epic quiz to see if you've earned your 2018 Beano superfan stripes!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

Can you answer the questions in this quiz and prove how big a Beano fan YOU really are?

1/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - Make Me a Menace

Which of these dudes was NOT one of the stars of Make Me a Menace in 2018?


2/20 Where does the #SOBEANO Kid Editor ALWAYS appear first?

3/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - Dennis Book

Dennis brought out a brand new book in May - but what was it called?


4/20 Which historic characters re-appeared in the run up to Beano's 80th birthday in July?

5/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - Guest Editor

Who was the guest editor for the 80th birthday special?


6/20 Who got married in Beanotown, then held a massive fake wedding the next day watched by the whole world? (yes, even your grumpy uncle who hates all that stuff)?

7/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - NOBEANO and SOBEANO

Which feature replaced #NO BEANO MOMENTS on the YOU'RE SO BEANO pages?


8/20 This year, one characterscelebrated 65 years of Beano fun - who was it?

9/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - Summer Special

Which classic character re-appeared as a ghost in the 2018 Beano Summer Activity Special?

10/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - Mandi and her Mobile

Which charity did 'Mandi and her Mobile' raise awareness for?


11/20 In Beano 3920, the floor was what?

12/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - Gnasher's Gone Missing

Which of these animal charities featured in a September story about Gnasher?


13/20 When Minnie became a time travelling Minx, what did she call herself?

14/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - Christmas Special

What theme are the free stickers in 2018 Beano Christmas Special?


15/20 According to the cover of  this year's Beano Annual 2019, who are wanted?

16/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - The McMenace

To mark Beano's 80th birthday, a museum called The McManus Galleries renamed itself The McMenace. But do you know where the museum is?


17/20 Minnie and Gnasher teamed up as the world's first ever red-haired girl/wire-haired dog detective duo to investigate the Mystery of the Missing what?

18/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - Challenge!

What challenge did Beano sponsor this year?


19/20 In Beano 3952, Minnie the Minx showed you how to turn your dad into what?

20/20 Big Beano Quiz 2018 - History

In Beano No. 3934, Dennis tried to make something history - but what?

YOU earned your 2018 stripes!

YOU are an ultimate Beano superfan! With every question correct, you have earned your 2018 stripes!

Beano Quiz 2018 - Great Job

Great result! You've really paid attention to all of Beano's antics, all year round.

Beano Quiz 2018 - Nice Try

Close, but try again - you may have passed, but you probably want to try again.

You must have been guessing! Go and read EVERY Beano, then come back and try again!

Beano Quiz 2018 - Nope!

Oh dear. I really don't think you've ever read a Beano.