JJ's Jokes - The Invisibility Hat

JJ is selling off some old junk to make a bit of pocket money... Walter: 'Do you have anything I can annoy Dennis with?' JJ: 'I've got this invisibility hat. It's a fiver'
Walter: 'What? there's no way a hat can make me invisible!' JJ: 'No? Try it on.'
Walter: 'I just look stupid!' JJ: 'Aarghh! Where did you go?'
Dennis: 'Got anything cool for sale, JJ?' JJ: 'I did have an invisibility hat, but I can't see it now.'
Dennis: 'Never mind. See you later' Walter thinks: 'He really can't see me! This is amazing'
Walter: 'I'll take it!' JJ: 'Aaarghh! Don't just appear like that!'
Walter: 'Wooo I'm a ghost' Roger the Dodger: 'Does he really think no-one can see him? What a dork!'

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