Lockdown Quizzes for Families

Stuck inside? We've got all the inspiration you need for lockdown quizzes with your family!

Ever done a quiz and thought 'I could do much better than that!'? Not our quizzes, obviously, which are amazing, well written and good looking. Well, here's a step by step guide to everything you need to create a great quiz even in lockdown! So gather the family together and get ready to get quizzical!

Decide who's playing

First, get a super group together! Who's in? Maybe it's your family, in the same room, and grandad and grandma joining in on Zoom? Or maybe it's school friends you haven't seen in ages? You'll need a minimum of three players in order to get the most out of the game. 

Choose a quiz master

Ah, the most important part! Well, obviously, the quizmaster should be you, right? The person who thought of the whole idea! This means your in charge of questions, points and prizes, although of course it does mean you won't get to play. But who needs to play when you have all the power, muahahaha!

Choose a way to quiz

If everyone's not all in the same place, you can quiz online! There are a few different ways of doing this. For example, you could quiz over WhatsApp by creating a group or getting everyone to send their answers straight to you privately. Or you could create a quiz on Google Docs and email it out to everyone. And if you don't feel like writing a quiz, there's hundreds on Beano.com to choose from! Either way, there are loads of options! 

Choose teams

If you have lots of players it's best to divide into teams. The best part of this is making up awesome team names. A team name could be something silly, something punny or something to show you mean business. 

Choose a first round

So, what will round one be? Your quiz rounds should ideally be at least five questions long each so your teams get the chance to really shine. A good first round is wildlife and nature - it covers loads of topics and there's usually at least one area someone's an expert in! For inspiration why not look at our animal quizzes, including The Ultimate Insect Quiz, Ultimate Wild Animal Quiz and The Ultimate Sea Creature Quiz.

Choose a second round

Ok, round number two - what's it to be? It could be anything: celebrities, famous artists, dad's worst farts, whatever you think everyone will find the most fun! Remember you could always design each round to suit the stregnths of different players, so everyone gets a fair go! Science and technology is a great round because it covers lots of cool stuff. For inspiration, Beano has the Ultimate Hard Science Quiz, Space Quiz and the Ultimate Computer Science Quiz to check out!

Choose a third round

Three rounds is a good number because it's not too long or two short - you don't want everyone getting restless! Sports is a good choice for a third round because, again, it can cover loads of stuff. Beano has loads of sports quizzes to give you ideas, like Ultimate Basketball Trivia Quiz,  Ultimate Rugby Quiz, and Ultimate Athletics Quiz.

Total up

Once everyone's finished, gather in the scores and see what everyone got. If you're an especially ruthless quizmaster you can even deduct points from people for annoying behaviour, or award points for extra info in their answers. It's your quiz, it's your rules!

Choose a winner

Who won? Remember that people get competitive so there may be arguments! 

Choose a prize

This is one of the best bits - choosing the prize. Maybe it will be something really nice like a bar of chocolate or control of the TV remote. Or it could be something creative like a hand made trophy or medal.  You can even give prizes to the WORST quizzer too - they could do the washing up for a week or walk the dog. Anything to incentivise people to do their best!

Awesome Quiz Names

Here are some awesome quiz names to inspire you:

Izzy Whizzy Let's Get Quizzy 

Quiz Hard Wizards


Flu Fighters

The Gnashers

The Bash Street Quizzers

Get Your Facts Together

Facts and Curious 

Serious Quizness 

The Trivia Trolls

More Quiz Inspiration


That's everything you need to create an awesome quiz! 

Check out these Beano quizzes below for even more inspiration for different rounds!

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