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Feel Judged By This Luke Bryan Quiz

How much do you know about Country and Western Legend, Luke Bryan?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 5th 2022

Feeling Judged? Luke Bryan’s is a Country and Western singing legend and Pop Idol judge who’s making waves across the Atlantic Ocean to Little Ol’ Britain. How much do you know about this cowboy boot wearin’, pick up truck drivin’, longhorn cattle botherin’ legend of Nashville?

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1/10 What show is Luke Bryan a judge on?

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2/10 Which word best describes Luke Bryan?


What sort of music does Luke Bryan make?

@lukebryan | Instagram

What type of vehicle does Luke Bryan DEFINITELY drive?


What was Luke Bryan’s first album called?


Luke Bryan has an album called “Tailgates & Tanlines” but what is a Tailgate?


Complete the Luke Bryan album title: Crash my…

@lukebryan | Instagram

According to his song, how often is Luke Bryan "Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin’"


9/10 Luke Bryan has a song called Born Here, Live Here, Die Here. Where was he born though?


According to Luke Bryan what do you need to kill before kicking the dust up??

@lukebryan | Instagram

Luke Bryan feels like you don’t have enough talent to go through to the next round! Have another go and see if you nail your audition!

@lukebryan | Instagram

Luke Bryan thinks that you’ve got some raw talent! You’re through to the next round.

@lukebryan | Instagram

Luke Bryan is very enthusiastic about your performance. You’re through to the next round and he’s going to be very invested in helping you make it in the music business. He might even invite you to Nashville!

@lukebryan | Instagram

What a star! You nailed your audition. Luke Bryan is so excited he’s going to let you open his next gig at the Grand Ol’ Opry (That’s the Wembley Stadium of Country and Western Music Venues but we bet you knew that already)