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20 Meat Jokes That Will Leave You Hungry For More!

Grab your comedy plate and pile it high with these tasty meat funnies!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 10th 2021

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What’s a cow’s favourite musical note? 


What happens when you cross a dinosaur and a pig? 

You get Jurassic Pork!

What type of meat does a vampire fear most? 

A steak through the heart!

Where do cows go for lunch?

The calf-eteria!

What do you call an email full of meat adverts?


A cat looking at a computer

Did you hear about the taco who got into danger?

Their life was at steak!

What did the crowd shout at the hot dog during a race? 


How do you stop someone stealing your chips?

By using a burger alarm!

A quadruple cheeseburger

How do you make a hamburger laugh?

Give it a pickle!

Have you heard about the new Wookiee burger?

It's a bit Chewie!

What is a slice of bacon's favourite day?


What do you get if you cross a cheetah and a burger?

Fast food!

Waiter, what’s your thumb doing on my steak?

I didn’t want it to fall on the floor again…

What’s a skeleton’s favourite food?

Spare ribs!

What do you get if you cross a karate teacher and a pig?

A pork chop!

What do you say to a burnt steak who's passed an exam?

Well done!

A chef

What do you call a cow who has been knighted?

Sir Loin!

Why did the packet of ham go to the doctor?

They wanted to be a cured meat!

What did the ketchup say to the hot dog?

Nice to meat you!

A hot dog

Why did the butcher work seven days a week?

To make ends meat!

A butcher