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20 Nacho Cheese Jokes That Are Loaded With LOLs

Have a chomp on these 20 extra-corny Nacho cheese jokes! With all the toppings!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 18th 2024

Dip into these extra cheesy, snack-tastic nacho jokes! We've got gags about guacamole, a spoonful of sour cream silliness and a big dollop of hot, stinking, cheesy goo!

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Well, now you can build up an appetite with these nacho cheese jokes!

What happens when you buy Nacho Cheese?

It becomes Cho Cheese!

What type of cheese doesnt belong to you?

Nacho Cheese!

What do you call a row of trucks hauling nachos?

A cheesy pickup line!

What do you say to someone who wants your nachos?

These are mine, nachos!

Brought nachos to salsa class

Huge misunderstanding!

What do you give Sean Connery when hes eating nachos in a bathtub?

Shower cream!

What do you call tortilla chips with guns?


An exploding avocado

Why do nachos always beat potato chips in a debate? 

The nacho has a point!

What kind of triangle is a tortilla chip?

An i-salsa-les triangle!

If you don't love tortilla chips and cheese

Then I'm nacho man!

Why is it easy to argue with nachos?

Because they always get ‘jalapeño’ business!

What’s a nacho’s favorite dance?

The salsa!

How do cheesy nachos feel?


Did you hear about the grumpy nacho?

It had a chip on its shoulder!

"Would you like sour cream, bacon and chives on your nachos?"

"That's a loaded question!”

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What do ducks like on their nachos?


What did the nachos say to the cheese?

We were meant to bean!

Why did the man pour nacho cheese on his feet?

He wanted dori-toes!

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Shoe Jokes Thumbnail

How do you steer a boat made of nachos?

With a tortiller!

What flavor are stolen Doritos?

Nacho cheese!