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Name The Reggae Artist Emoji Quiz

Think you know everything there is to know about reggae music? Test yourself with these fiendishly musical emoji clues!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 10th 2022

We've made 10 tricky emoji puzzles to test your knowledge of the greats of reggae music. Can you work out which of these musical superstars we're hinting at from these pictures? You'll have to be a problem solver as well as a massive reggae fan to get 100%! Ready to get started?

Let's go!

1/10 A awkward emoji and a rodent

Which reggae artist could this be?

2/10 A fire emoji

And what about this one?

3/10 A trumpet and a calendar emoji

Any guesses?

4/10 A hairstyle emoji and a flag

This is a VERY famous reggae artist. As a hint - the flag is of a North African country.

5/10 A face emoji and a rock climbing emoji


6/10 A zig zag line and a flag

There's that flag again!

7/10 A spanner and heart emoji

Which reggae act could this be?

8/10 A crown and popcorn

Interesting. Any ideas?

9/10 A flag of Israel and congratulations emoji

Getting trickier...

10/10 A boy emoji

Is this easier? Or harder? Say what you see!


Oh no! This is not your best work. Let's just pretend this never happened and try another quiz, OK? There are plenty more quizzes where this one came from! Let's try a different one then...

Not bad

Pretty good! You definitely know your reggae music! This is a good score but you missed out on a qute a few correct answers here! Why not have another go? Or try a different emoji quiz - we have loads!


Great work! This is an excellent score - well done! You did miss out on a correct answer or two, but that's OK! If you want to get 100%, have another go - otherwise let's try a different emoji quiz!

High score

Yeeeeeah! Wahoo! High score! A perfect 10/10! You really know your reaggae music! Well done! You can't improve on this score - but can you get another full set on a different emoji quiz? Let's find out!