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How Well Do You Know The Nando's Menu?

Can you recite the entire Nando's menu in your sleep? Find out with this cheeky food quiz... Unless you're too chicken!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 22nd 2022

Feeling peckish? This nonsensical Nando's quiz is guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers! Answer these 10 tricky (and chicken-y) questions to prove you know the Nando's menu like nobody else! You'll need to be a Nando's eggs-pert to get 10/10!

Ready to place your order? One huge plate of piping hot food trivia, coming up!


Let's start off easy! Nando's is... what?


Lemon and... what?


Fill in the blanks: F___ Chicken Burger


What's the HOTTEST sauce level?


Ok this one's a bit harder. What's the SECOND HOTTEST sauce level?


You can get a chicken caesar salad at Nando's. True or false?


Which of these can you NOT get at Nando's?


Christmas dinners at Nando's feature chicken instead of turkey. Right?


Which of these is a real meat-free option at Nando's?

10/10 Mushy peas

Sorry, what kind of peas?

Uh oh! What have you been ordering at Nando's? Unfortunately this is NOT the tastiest thing on the menu. It's not even lemon & herb! You'd better have another go, quick! And if you're not in the mood for peri-peri, why not try a different food quiz? We've got enough for everyone!

Pretty good! Not extra hot, and not lemon & herb - this is a pretty medium score! You did ok, but you could definitely do better if you had another go. Fancy it? If not there are plenty of other food quizzes for you to take a bite out of!

Oooooh this is a delicious score! Not too hot, but definitely not a lemon & herb! Good work, you know pretty much the whole Nando's menu! But you did still get 1 or 2 questions wrong... do you think you can you beat this score on a different food quiz? Let's find out!

Extra hot score! Wahoo! What a scorcher! You know the menu so well that head office double check with you before they send the flyers to print! Well done! Now, can you get 100% on another fantastic food quiz?

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