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Are You a Night Owl Or An Early Riser Quiz?

Are you a morning person or some kind of nocturnal bird-creature? Take this sleepy personality quiz to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 31st 2021

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You are spoiled on this website, honestly. Ok, back to the owls!


What's your favourite meal of the day?


Are you scared of the dark?


What's your favourite holiday?


Pick a type of bird:

@simon_superrabbit | giphy

What do you usually do in the mornings?


When do you eat lunch?

@pbs | giphy

It's 9pm and you're feeling a bit peckish. What do you do?


What do you like doing at night?


How do you usually annoy the people you live with?


How often do you wear shorts?

You're a night owl!

Sleep all day, eat mice all night. But although you don't get anything done during the day, there are some great upsides to being a night owl - like no queues at the supermarket!

You're an evening pigeon!

You're a bit like a night owl, but not quite! You like staying up late, but not THAT late - and you do ocasionally get things done in the morning!

You're an early riser!

You stayed up late once, but it wasn't for you. You much prefer waking up early, and going to sleep early! You make the most of every day, and are tucked away in bed again by early evening.