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This What Shoe Are You Quiz Is Sole Inspiring!

Put your best foot forward! Find out what shoe is most like you with this toe-tally awesome footwear quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 15th 2023

Where in the world would we be without shoes? Not that far, when you think about it. And like, the wheel and wifi, they're one of our greatest inventions and have been around for ages. We're not kidding! A sandal was found by archaeologist Luther Cressman in Oregon's Fort Rock Cave and dates back over 8000 years! That's older than some of the trainers in our cupboards, that's for sure.

Prehistoric humans decided that they were tired of hurting their feet while hunting for food, and would bind animal hide to the their feet to protect them from rocks and the elements. They may not have looked fancy, but we expect they did the job.

Over the years, footwear has evolved as cultures developed the way they used materials and tools. In ancient Egypt, reeds and papyrus were used to make sandals, and in ancient Greece, they were made from leather and straps were used to keep them from sliding off. After all, many of us have experienced the pain of a flip-flop flying off when we're walking a little too quickly.

And in the centuries that followed, shoes became more and more intricate, with the use of leather and silk being crafted into fancy footwear for the aristocracy. The Industrial Revolution – which took place in the 18th century – was something of a game-changer for feet, as mass manufacturing meant that shoes could be made with machines instead of by hand, and in turn more people could afford shoes.

Right then, you as tough as old boots? Or do you fancy yourself as a bit of a sneaker-head? Answer these questions to find out what type of footwear is the best match for your personality!

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Pick a holiday destination:


Which of these would you rather watch?


How much do you like walking long distances?


The perfect shoe...


What is your perfect shoe made out of?


What do you use your shoes for?

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Which of these things are you LEAST into?


There's a massive puddle in front of you. What do you do?


What's the most important thing when it comes to shoes?


What do you think of Crocs?

You're a flip flop!

You're the most laidback kind of shoe there is! You're perfectly suited to wandering about by the pool or just sitting on the beach doing very little. Just don't try and walk long distances in these!

You're a walking boot!

You're a PROPER shoe! You've got good ankle support and can walk literally hundreds of miles before you fall apart. You might get hot and sweaty during the summer though!

You're a trainer!

You're the kind of shoe that's built to run and jump and play sports. You're sturdy, but still lightweight and not too sweaty. A great all round choice - unless it's really wet and muddy!

You're a platform heel!

You are designed to look good! You're not too practical though, and nobody should ever attempt to make you walk too far. I would only end badly for everyone.