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Olivia Dean Messy Music Quiz!

Olivia Dean is one of the up and coming stars of the music industry - but how well do you know her music?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 1st 2024

There aren’t many singers and musicians that can make you feel quite how Olivia Dean can. That special sensation of goosebumps creeping up your skin - that's the kind of feeling you can get from Olivia! But if you think that you’re a real fan of her music, then jump on into this quiz and see if you can score full marks!


Which country is Olivia Dean from?


What was the name of her first album?


What is Olivia drinking at the start of the music video for Dive?


What is so important about the directors of Olivia’s music video?


Which one of these genres does Olivia have in her music?


In the video for Crosswords, what fruit is in the bath?


Finish this lyric… You Make me wanna be better…


If you answered the UK to the first question, well done! But which city is she from?


In Password Change, why can’t they talk?


There is a lot of fruit in Olivia’s videos, but what does she eat in Baby Come Home?

Olivia Dean | YouTube

Oh dear! Okay, you haven’t scored that well on this quiz, but don’t worry! Things can always get better and even if this quiz seems a bit messy, you’ve got the time and patience to score better! So why not have another try and see if you can get a better score? You've got this!

Olivia Dean | YouTube

Alright! Well done! You’ve got your head into this quiz and you’ve shown that you’ve been listening up and listening in whenever Olivia’s music has been playing. You know a pretty decent amount about Olivia and her music, but if you think you can score better, why not give some of her best tracks another listen and see if you can improve!?

Olivia Dean | YouTube

Awesome! There’s not much you don’t know about Olivia Dean and her incredible music! Sometimes music just hits differently, and Olivia definitely does for you - otherwise you wouldn’t have scored so well on this quiz! Nice work, enjoy the glory of knowing you know stuff! If you still don’t think that’s good enough though, why not have another try and see if you can score 100%?

Olivia Dean | YouTube

Pow! Blam and Wow! You’ve done it! Like those beautiful piano chords and softly sung, silky songs - you’ve managed to absolutely crush this quiz! There is literally nothing that you don’t know about Olivia and it shows! Well done! Why not have a little break, relax and chuck on your favourite Olivia Dean track?! Great work!