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22 Pony Jokes Which Are Horse-somely Good

Hay! Knock Knock! Hooves there? Yes, it’s a full stable of some horsesomely good Pony jokes. Saddle up for the comedy ride of your lives!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 11th 2022

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Where did the pony go on holiday?


A kangaroo

How do you get a pony’s attention?


Did you hear about Cinderella’s horse?

Once upony time…

What prize did the Broadway musical of “Warhorse” win?

A pony award!

Who did the pony audition for in the school play? 

The main part!

What’s a pony’s favourite TV program?

Dr Hoof

Did you hear about the pessimist pony?

He was a neigh-sayer!

Where do sick ponies go?

The horsepital!

You are sitting on a pony. You’re being chased by a lion. In front of you is a giraffe. What do you do?

Get off the carousel!

A pony trots into a school…

Teacher: Why the long face?

I was telling my barber about the time I found a small horse…

But he cut off my pony tale!

Daughter: Can I have a pony for Christmas.

Dad: The oven’s only big enough for a turkey!

What did the pony with a sore throat who didn't understand the basic structure of jokes say to the doctor?

I'm having a hard time speaking clearly!

What did the pony with a sore throat say to the doctor?

I’m a little hoarse!

What do you call a fake horse?

A phoney pony!

Where do you catch a horse and cart in Lapland ?

A Pony Sleigh-Station!

Another word for a ponytale is..

A stablefable!

Did you here about the injured pony?

It’s in a stable condition!

Did you hear about the folk-singing horse?

Pony Mitchell?

Did you hear about the supermarket that delivers by horse?

Yes it’s my lidl pony!

Where does a horse’s leg bend?

At the po-knee!

What does the horse call the pony next door on Old Town Road?

His neigh-bour!