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26 Poop Jokes Which Might Make Your Friends Barf

Some people think they're gross, but knows that poop jokes are funny, full plop... er, full stop!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  August 11th 2021

These jokes are suitable for kids - so whether that's you, or you're not quite a kid any more but have an awesome sense of humour, get stuck in!

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Why was the poop sad?

He got dumped!

What do you call a farting fairy?

Beano Poop jokes
Beano Poop jokes


Why did the poop stay home?

He was a party pooper!

Scientists have discovered that diarrhea is hereditary...

It runs in your genes!

What's brown and sits in the forest?

Winnie's Pooh!

Why did Superman flush the toilet?

A silhouette of Superman

Because it was his duty!

I've got a book in my bathroom that I write my feelings and personal thoughts into while on the toilet.

I call it my diarrhea!

What did the poo say to the fart?

You blow me away!

What's the best snack for watching a movie that stinks?

Beano Poop Jokes
Beano Poop Jokes


What do you get when a king farts?

Noble gas!

Do you want to hear a poop joke?

Nah, they always stink!

How can you tell if a clown has just farted?

They smell funny!

What's the best time to go to the bathroom?


If a poop is "a call of nature", what is a fart?

A small dog wearing a green coat

A missed call!

Have you seen the new movie, 'Constipated'?

It hasn't come out yet!

What do you get if you poop in your overalls?


What's brown and always gets out?


"Waiter, what's this fly doing in my soup?

"I think it's pooping, sir!"

Did you hear about the constipated maths teacher?

He had to work it out with a pencil!

Did you hear about the constipated accountant?

He couldn't budget!

Did you hear about the man who ate 24 cans of alphabet soup?

He has trouble with his vowels!

What do you never truly appreciate until it's gone?

Toilet paper!

Who saves the world by hanging out in the toilet?

Flush Gordon

What's brown and sounds like a bell?


What’s brown and sticky?

A stick!

What did one toilet say to the other?

Three smiling emojis

“You look a little flushed!” Joke Generator