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Where did Black Widow and Spider-Man first meet?

On the web!

Why did Iron Man sleep out in the rain?

To get some rust!

Did you know that Hulk recycles 95% of his household waste?

Yep, he's pretty green!

How do you get a baby Star-Lord to sleep?


What do you call it when David Banner won't speak to you?

The incredible sulk!

Why couldn't Batman go fishing?

Because Robin ate all the worms!

What did Iron Man say to Ant-Man?

Stop bugging me!

What month does Spider-Man hate?


Where is Spider-Man's home page?

On the web!

How are Tony Stark's clothes always so neat, man?

Because of the iron, man!

When Odin's pipes burst, who did he call for help?

The jani-Thor!

Bruce Banner makes mean mashed potatoes, but what if he's pushed for time?

He uses Hulk Smash!

Why does Loki hate the day after Wednesday?

Because it's Thor's day!

Where do the Avengers grab their super-skinny lattes?


Who wears an eye patch and never feels the cold?

Nick Furry!

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